We are happy to introduce everyone to pouchiepedia! With the success of our “HUB” area of our site we decided to expand it’s use well beyond that of merely storying articles.

Pouchiepedia is a very simple wiki for pouchie knowledge.

How does it work?

Pouchiepedia can be contributed to by anyone! that means non-members, members, the public! Our only aim is to build a database of as much knowledge as possible about our lovable pets.

Along with the ability to add content, you can also edit content and correct things you believe you can add more to or may be in-accurate.

All revisions are kept and are available in much the same way you would see on wikipedia and every change is authored to the person making the change.

We will continue to build on Pouchiepedia and allow the uploading of images, videos and more in time, for now, if you have something you want to share, jump straight in.

Learn more about Pouchiepedia here