Back in May of 2017 the NPRS started up, we started with a provisional committee to run and get the society started. Our plan was at the end of 2017 to elect an committee based on people putting their names forward.

We are been thrilled with the interest in being part of our committee for the 2018 period. Please find below the names of people, taking up these roles in 2018.

Committee Roles

Louis Varley taking the role of chair.
Clare Varley as events and PR.
Barry John Evans as our social media officer.
Linda Macpherson as digital officer.
Terri Knight as society secretry.

Non committee roles

Sue Crooks and a silly lady will be on hand to help with events.

Jenna Smith is stepping down from membership and now becoming society general assistant.

The new committee will take over from 2018 and be in charge of settings the societies direction and management. They are the people you can go to with your issues, your concerns your problems or for advice and help.

Thanks to everyone who put their names forward and we look forward to a productive 2018.