Kojo By Linda Macpherson

Why a Committee?

The National Pouched Rat Society Committee are a group of individuals who choose yearly to run the admin and governance of the society.

This includes functions such as

  • Policies and Rules
  • Application Processing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Community Administration
  • Finances
  • Legal Obligations
  • Complaints
  • Record Keeping

Committee Members stand for a minimum term of 12 months

Generally when positions are being considered, it is announced within our community group.

Who Serves On The Committee

To serve on the committee you must be active on our Community Group.

There is no obligation to have owned or currently own a Pouched Rat, however an understanding of the troubles and challenges is useful.

Selections for committee are made at the end each year and if a position is contested between multiple applicants, a vote is held by the community to choose who they believe best represents them.

The only position not elected in this way is chair, which is selected based on a decision of both the outgoing and incoming committee members.

Positions vary year to year based on requirements but generally duties are given based on

  • Social Media / YouTube Channel
  • Website and Digital
  • Secretary
  • Community and Members
  • Breeding and Policies

Kojo By Linda Macpherson