The Committee


Our committee are a group of members who are elected annually to stand for certain roles.

They fulfil important jobs for the society and do much of the day to day running over certain operational aspects.

Stand on the committee?

To stand on the committee you must be a full member of the NPRS. We recommend people have been a member for at least 1 year before standing.

Committee Elections?

The Committee is annually elected, meaning we have an AGM in December. If more than one application is made for a role, it is run as a member poll. The winner of which is elected.

The December AGM is the hand over between any old and new committee members as well as preparing any important business for the year ahead.

Committee Charter?

As committee members, agreement is made for

  • Best represent the society during their term
  • Act lawfully and respectably during this time
  • Always act in a manner for the betterment of the species we represent
  • Have your term displayed as an official roll call of committee members
  • Assist in making decisions based on voting rights for the society and to represent it’s members, followers and stake holders

Committee Roll Call

You can find a historic list of commitee members here