UK National Pouched Rat Society

Non-Profit Animal Society for Pouched Rat Owners in the UK

The NPRS is the only UK based Pouched Rat Society catering for owners of Gambian Pouched Rats & Emins Pouched Rats In both the UK and Internationally.

National Pouched Rat Society


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National Pouched Rat Society News

Committee 2021

Every year, we like to give members of our community the chance to a member...

2019 Committee

Do you have a little free time and want to make a difference? Do you...

The Pet Show 2018

We are attending 'The Pet Show 2018' on the 18th – 19th August 2018 at...

Welcome to new Pouchies from Germany!

Back in late May, four Pouchie babies made the long journey from their 'EPBA' breeder...

Counting down to Tanzania

In 2017 two of our committee members Louis and Clare Varley had the fantastic opportunity...

Introducing HeroRAT Shuri

The NPRS are pleased to announce that we have adopted, on behalf of the membership,...

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