So we are starting our society, today we have started work on our website putting on some content and planning how we go forward.

These are exciting times and we are keen to hear from any potential members about what they want from a society.

Our vision is clear, with pouchies becoming more and more popular, we hope to promote ethical treatment, care and breeding while providing a base for those keepers and breeders who want to provide only the best for their pouchies.

We have lots of plans for the future and strong support already.

Everyone is welcome to have a nosey around what we have done so far and to make any suggestions going forward.

I’ll list just some of plans and would love to hear some feedback

  • Regular online news / updates on this website
  • Bi-Weekly Journal, glossy and well designed, no white pages of Times New Roman!
  • Build some member benefits and keep a good list of pouchy owners in the UK and possibly internationally
  • Provide excellent care and advice online
  • Build a community for all on our facebook group
  • Provide regular tweets
  • YouTube videos
  • At least one yearly event with snacks and a bar for members to meet.
  • Much, much more

We hope that wets everyone’s appetites and gets everyone excited about becoming a member, keep your eyes peeled to our news here and facebook group for more updates in the near future.