1. I did a lot of research, including meeting pouched rats, a few years ago, joined clubs and forums, preparing myself to become a pouching mum. When I got to the point where I was ready, it seemed pouching pups were no longer being bred in the UK. If they are now available again, I would be very interested in buying a single pouched rat once my current fancy rats pass away *current ages 1 year 4/3 months*

    • Hello! thanks for your comment, yes we are working on getting them back and established in the UK, feel free to join our facebook group for the latest information. We are still a little way away from a fully established breeding program

  2. Do you know if there are any breeders in tube US? In not ready right yet but if like to get some hands on time working with them even if its volunteer work.

    • i’m afraid there isnt any breeders we know if the US due to import laws in getting them over there, hopefully in the future

  3. Thanks for this interesting article. Other rats are highly sociable animals, to the point that it’s not advisable to have only one rat. Is that also true for pouched rats? In other words, should you really get two at a time?

    • Hi Suzanne, although they do totally fine on their own they will tolerate a sibling, or if a male is castrated, living with a female. They are more independent that say, fancy rats.


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