Today we have some good pouched rat news to share.

Back in June the NPRS helped trying to find a foster home for a female pouched rat called Yena.

Yena had come from a difficult background having been breed by an unknown breeder who had kept her for an extended period before rehoming her to her second owner.

Having worked with her as best they could, Yena’s second owner also decided to rehome her over a pet forum which led her to the care of one of our members.

Charlottee worked hard with Yena but due to a charge in circumstance she decided that she needed to part with Yena.

At this point the NPRS tried to help find Yena a temporary foster home while transport could be organised to take Yena to Sharon Jaycock in Newcastle.

We are delighted to share that Yena’s foster mum Annette Reynolds has decided she and her husband love Yena too much to let her go and will be offering her a permanent forever home.

Annette has a wealth of experience in dealing with difficult fancy rats and we are confident that her knowledge and skills in this area will only benefit Yena and help rehabilitate her and give her the lifr she deserves.

We kept her because she was slowly settling and beginning to trust and develop and I didn’t want to ruin that by uprooting her again. And, we also fell in love with her. – Annette

We wish Annette all the best with Yena and thank her for offering a difficult pouchie the permanent and loving home she deserves are being shifted around so much in the past.

Re-homing a pouched rat is always a difficult discussion for the owner but also a damaging one for the pouched rat who will always struggle with a change of house, cage, owner etc.

This can be lessened somewhat by ensuring that when re-homing a pouched rat, you only seek a knowledgeable and prepared owner and provide everything the pouched rat considers home including their cage, toys, bedding etc.