Yes we know that anything serious and important can be boring…

The NPRS being an not for profit society needs to be run in a fair and democratic way and for this end we need volunteers to fill out Committee.

The Committee are the guys who get things done. The people who make it happen and who give their own free time to make the society work.

We have a small number of both Committee and Non-Committee roles which we are looking for volunteers to take on in 2018.

Do you have a little free time and want to make a difference? Do you feel we should be heading in a different direction and want your say? Being part of the committee gives you a vote on any decisions the society makes.

If you are interested below are the roles we have to fill. Please send your information to

If more than one person applies for a role the membership will have the chance to vote on who they wish to take up the position.

Closing date for interest is the end of November with roles coming into affect in the new year.

Committee Roles

Committee roles are for a term of 1 year, you get to vote on issues and guide the direction of the society.


The role of society chair is an important role within the society and is responsible for maintaining, protecting and overseeing the direction of the entire society.

Digital Officer

The role of digital officer is to maintain and manage the NPRS digital services, this includes news articles on our wordpress site, blog posts as well as scripts for our YouTube Videos. We also send our mailchimp mailers which the role will produce and potentially be responsible for sending should the applicant feel happy to do so. 

Events, Press, PR Office

The role of Events, Press and PR Officer is to maintain the outward facing relationships with any relevant stakeholders as well as the public. They will be responsible for any connections we have to other organisations, any discussions or agreements of such nature, any connections we make with the media as well organising and managing any events we run.

Membership Officer

The role of membership officer is to take charge of our membership, assist in answering questions about membership, suggesting ideas to the committee about what our membership can provide, working with the committee each year to assess costs.

Social Media Officer

The role is society media officer is to be responsible for the society’s social media accounts. Tweeting on twitter and facebook posts and any other social media activities.

They may assist the Digital officer in producing content for the website such as news and ensuring this content is promoted on social media as required.


The role of treasurer is an important role within the society and is responsible for maintaining, protecting and overseeing all financial transactions within the society.

They must be able to maintain a clear overview of the finances of the society, money coming in and money going out and able to track this.

This is a highly sensitive role due to the nature of having control over the monies raised by the society

Non-Committee Roles

These are volunteer roles, no voting privileges but the chance to have your choice heard as well as work to help the society. There is no minimum term.

Information and Technology Administrator

IT Admin will manage all aspects of the NPRS IT services. This includes the website (wordpress) and google suite for email.

Digital and Social Media Assistant

The role of Digital and Social Media Assistant is idea for someone who has experience and time to help the NPRS with their social media accounts and writing of content.

They will be working alongside both the Social Media Officer and Digital Officer and will offer assistance and share their expertise.

Events Assistant

This is a role for people who can volunteer their time to help at our events. This role includes traveling and potential of staying in hotels for multi-day shows. There is no budget for expenses so this has to be accepted as part of volunteering.

International Volunteer

For someone based outside the UK who would like to take on the challenge of feeding back to the committee the goings on around the world. Discuss with other international members what you need from us and how we can help.

Please email  or contact us through Facebook to have your name put forward.