1. Thank you for the info! Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel……or a Gambian! I would love it and my vet would be thrilled!

  2. I like this. I would only add that if it became possible to have them here two things

    1. Possible chips to track them

    2. If not for breeding, all pets are spayed or neutered to prevent any unwanted offspring in the case of an escape. And to prevent accidental litters.

    • Hi Christine. Completely agree. We would like to see some rules governing their ownership to protect them. The tracking was a tricky one. We looked into this in the UK and the only gps trackers on the market are too big for a pouchie. Roughly the size of a wine cork.

  3. Plz. Inform me can I or can not have a Gambian Rat in Fla ????? I have seen some other people have them & & what do I need to do to get one or two babies or rescues

    • Hi Cassie, we dropped your a message but email but for anyone else who may be reading, Florida has some very strict laws and they are banned. This is mainly due to the climate and ecological damage they could do and are doing in the keys.

  4. I guess California is a no go? I’ve been looking for a rat that lives longer than 2 years and the Gambia sounds like it. But I live in California. Is there hope?

  5. I know that NC has some confusing laws about exotic animals as pets, but does anyone know for sure whether or not I would be able to have a Gambian here?

    • Hello, i think the issue with the US is more getting them imported in the first place, some states do allow it but there is not any in the country (or certainly not enough) start a good breeding program.

  6. I would like to note that this statement:

    “Acacia rats are incredibly hard to handle, they are not tame and will bite if handled.”

    has zero truth to it. I have had several Acacia rats in the past. I have handled them and carried them around the house in the back of my hoodie. When I got up in the morning and come into the room they would run to the front of the cage and I would open the doors. They would crawl out and go to the top of the cage. Then they stood on 2 legs till I picked them up.


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