Pouched Rat Quiz

Am i ready for a pouched rat

Taking on a Pouched Rat is a huge responsibility and not everyone is cut out for it. We have written this quiz to help you decide if you are ready.

Not everyone may agree with our methodology but we want to ensure potential owners are fully prepared.

Please read carefully and answer honestly. When completed you will be given information based on your answer about how ready you are to take home a pouched rat along with some useful articles to find out more about why you scored as you did.

Your Name
Email Address
How long have you been considering getting a Pouched Rat?
What experience do you have with common pet animals, such as Hamsters, Gerbils, Fancy rats etc?
What experience do you have with exotic or difficult animals, such as Degus, Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders?
What experience do you have with rodents specifically, such as Fancy Rats?
What experience do you have with a pouched rat?
Do you currently have a dog?
Do you currently have a cat?
How many hours of time out of the cage do you believe a pouched rat should receive?
Do you currently have children?
Which of these cages do you believe would be suitable to house a pouched rat?
How much would you budget for a buying a Pouched Rat and setting up accommodation, including the pouched rat, the cage, toys, food, bedding etc?
What is your current housing situation?
Tick any of these statements you believe that should be TRUE of a pouched rat owner? Some are correct statements, some are not and some may contradict previous questions.
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