I Would Like to Find a Buddy

  • Please give a quick summary as to why you would like a buddy.
  • We can use your postcode to easily match you to a buddy
    Please be aware that by requesting a buddy, you agree to the following.

    I agree to let the NPRS share my email address with my buddy.

    I will be formally introduced by email to my buddy first and it will then be my choice to share a telephone number to start the buddy process.

    The NPRS may decline my request for a buddy should they feel i am not in need of a buddy right now.

    I must respect my buddy when it comes to contacting them for help. I will not call them in the middle of the night for non-emergency questions.

    Where possible i will try and organise calls in advance so the buddy can set aside time to spend on the phone with you.

    I should where possible call the buddy myself so the buddy would not be responsible for call charges.