What is the NPRS approved Vet Programme

The ‘NPRS Approved Vet Programme’ awards the ‘NPRS Approved Vet’ Status (or NAV status) to vets. NAV status recognises veterinary surgeons who have shown their ability to deal with and treat Gambian Pouched Rats. NAV vets will have been nominated and approved based on meeting certain criteria as given below.

The NPRS committee will make final decisions on if a vet should be given NAV status and is awarded perpetually and would only be rescinded in the event the individual vet has complaints made against them and the NPRS committee to remove the status.


Does the NAV status mean the NPRS officially recommended this vet?

If the committee agrees that, based on the evidence and testimony of the nominator, the vet should be given NAV status. The NPRS officially endorses this vet as having met the criteria for the status.


What would cause NAV status to be rescinded 

In the event that the original nominator, another member or individual submits a complaint against a NAV then the committee will look into the nature of the complaint and decide if the status should be revoked.


What does a vet have to gain from NAV status?

The community always finds it difficult to find trusted, experienced vets to deal with their animals and many members are willing to travel for the right vet.

NAV status means members of the society are more likely to travel to a NAV vet to ensure their animals get only the best treatment.

The vet will be issued an official NPRS certificate and letter stating they was nominated by you, and we have awarded them NAV status.

Additionally many NPRS breeders may provide discounts to NAV vets who are interested in owning their own Pouched Rats.

NAV vets may also wish to collaborate with other approved vets on difficult cases and have access to details of other experienced vets across the UK and Europe.


Is NAV status awarded to a practice?

No, because a practice will normally consist of many vets who may change from time to time. NAV status is only given to an individual vet, regardless of the practice he or she is currently resident.


What are the criteria for NAV status?

In order to nominate a vet, the vet must satisfy the following criteria at the time of nomination

  • Has treated at least 2 separate individual Pouched Rats in the last 12 month period
  • Is a full member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS/FRCVS) or approved by the RCVS to practice veterinary medicine or equivalent in their country if outside the UK.
  • Currently resident at a RCVS registered veterinary practice or equivalent in their country if outside the UK.
  • Has demonstrated interest in learning and developing skills in the care of Pouched Rats


How do I nominate a vet for NAV status?

Please complete the form on our website at https://nprs.org.uk/national-pouched-rat-society-approved-vet-programme/nominate


Where can i find a list of NAV 

When a vet is awarded NAV status they are asked to approve the publishing of their name, and current residence. If they agree they are added to the list which can be found here


How do I make a complaint against a vet with NAV status?

Please contact us at contact@nprs.org.uk with details of the case for us to investigate further.  


If a vet has moved to a different practice?

Again please contact us at contact@nprs.org.uk so we can amend our records.