Substrates for Pouchies

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    Pouched Rats’ cages should be lined with an adsorbent pet litter to a depth of about 2 cm. Good absorbency is important because Pouched Rats’ urine is fairly strong and will stain flooring if allowed to seep through the cage. Not just any type of substrate can be used; the best substrate type is paper based cat litter such as Bio-catolet litter or Eco-pet bed that is available from most large pet stores; avoid wood shavings or wood pellets especially pine at all costs.

    Hay and straw can also be used but they are not as absorbent as the other options. Pouched Rats like to forage and dig in their litter and will spend hours moving it around the cage and creating huge piles of it against the sides of the cage. If the cage has mesh sides a lot of the litter will be thrown out through the mesh during the rats’ excavations so it’s best to have a cage with raised sides to avoid litter spilling onto the surrounding floor.

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