Are you interested in serving on our committee?

Here is the roles we have, however, sometimes we open up or merge positions as and when required.


The chair oversees all actions the society takes. They dictate the direction and scope of our activities. The Chair position can only be held by someone who has previously served on the committee for at least 1 term.

The chair role is responsible for setting strategies for the year and bringing people within the committee together for voting.

Digital Officer

Responsible for the NPRS Website and its respective content, keeping the website up to date, secure, safe and fit for purpose.

The Digital officer also oversees the management of GSuite Services

Content Officer

Responsible for our YouTube channel and content, ensuring it is relevant, correct, kept up to date and continues to grow and drive engagement and the care of the animals we serve.

Social Media Officer

Managing the NPRS social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Breeding Officer

Policies around breeding ethics, our relationship with breeders and the standards for breeders and applicants.


There to offer assistance and help to any other committee members. In the form of writing documents or assistance with other projects

Finance and Supporters Manager

Oversees any financial activity, this includes managing payments in and out of our PayPal account from merchandise and donations etc and manage relationships with our supporters and community. Remain engaged and connected with them.

Merchandise Manager

In charge of calendars and other merchandise, designing, shipping, and developing ideas for what our community may want.