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Arno the Pouched Rat

Pouchie-Proofing your house and Free-Roaming

We all know that Pouched Rats need free-roam time. However it's important you maintain a safe environment for them. Here is some tips for keeping...

Pouched Rats as Pets? Quick Questions FAQ!

We get asked a lot of questions about what a Pouched Rat is like a pet?
Leeloo, who inspired Lu, the main character of the book. Grey rat

Rats helping Rats

Author Rhian Waller I don't own a pouchie, but I have been aware of APOPO's work for a while. On my lunch breaks, I watched...

Keeping Pouched Rats in the United States – Import and Country Law

In Part 1  we explored some of the specific rules for each state. In this this part we would like to look at some of...

Keeping Pouched Rats in the United States – State Law

We have collected the rules regarding keeping pouched rats in the USA for each state

The Ethics of Keeping Pouched Rats as Pets

Keeping any pet can provide people with a fantastic companionship and provide the animal with a safe and secure environment to live is life. A...

Thinking of getting a Pouched Rat? What to know

Are you thinking of taking on the huge responsibility of a Pouched Rat. Heres what you need to know.

10 Must Knows, Before Buying a Pouched Rat

10 Things you should know, before you buy a pouched rat!