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Arno the Pouched Rat

Pouchie-Proofing your house and Free-Roaming

We all know that Pouched Rats need free-roam time. However it's important you maintain a safe environment for them. Here is some tips for keeping...
What noises does a pouched rat make?

Pouched Rat Noises and Vocalisations

pouched rat noises and vocalisations
Leeloo, who inspired Lu, the main character of the book. Grey rat

Rats helping Rats

Author Rhian Waller I don't own a pouchie, but I have been aware of APOPO's work for a while. On my lunch breaks, I watched...

Aggressive or Unwanted Behaviour

Bites are not common but painful and possibly require treatment when they happen. Sylar Pouchies have noted that up to 70% of males before...