Pouched Rat Breeders

Starting the Journey

If you are in Europe you may be in luck. Europe has a much more established breeding organisation called the European Pouched Rat Breeders Association. or EPB. You can find more about the EPB on their facebook page

If you are in the USA then I’m afraid, at least for now you are out of luck. We have two articles on this subject, you can find here and here

Getting a Pouched Rat in 2018

There are breeders in the UK but many are of the “commercial” breeder type. These breeders will breed mainly for profit and thus the animals get very little in terms of contact, genetic considerations, control over lineage and sustainability nor over the preparation of new owners or the protection from them being homed to the wrong people.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone lines the pockets of these breeders. Not only is good control over lines, traceability of family history and health of the utmost importance for any breeder but also ensuring that every single baby is homed to only the best and most suitable homes. This is something we want to see.

If you are looking for a Pouched Rat, our advice would be, sit tight, we working on a program to address this and provide a sustainable and long-term solution to a strong breeding program in the UK that protects owners and Pouched Rats alike.

Getting a Pouched Rat in the future.

We have a plan of which we will share with the community in the near future. It will explain how this process will work. Members of our society will get first call on any litters that come out of this breeding program.