Dr Ross Gordon Cooper, New NPRS Honorary Member

    Dr Ross Cooper
    Dr Ross Cooper

    We are delighted to say that we have invited Dr Ross Gordon Cooper to become an NPRS Honorary member.

    Dr Cooper, best known for the work he has done authoring many books about the animals of Africa including the popular “The African Giant/Pouched Rat (Cricetomys Gambianus) – It’s Physiology, Ecology, Care & Taming”.

    Dr Ross was Quoted as Saying

    “It is a great pleasure to be invited as an honorary member OF the National Pouched Rat Society for the good cause of the African giant pouched rat. My first two rats were Benny and Julie. Having rescued them as babies in the wilds of Zimbabwe, I raised them and kept them for 7.5 years. They were the most intelligent, cleanest and adorable pets I have ever kept. They enabled me to study their behavior and Physiology and I have been writing about them ever since. I have published three books on this species and completed some scientific papers. I’m ever more convinced that rats are highly intelligent creatures and have a lot to offer. We must respect them. “

    We are very happy to have Dr Cooper on board with the society. He’s done a lot to raise awareness of pouched rats and written some amazing books about them. His expertise and knowledge will be an invaluable asset to the NPRS and its community.

    If you are interested in purchasing Dr Cooper’s books on pouched rats. You can find more information here


    I’m sure you will all join us in welcoming Dr Cooper to our community as our first honorary member.



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