Getting a Pouched Rat

The Journey to Pouched Rat Ownership – Q&A

So you’re interested in getting a Pouched Rat? There are very few breeders in the UK and even fewer who breed purely for health and temperament vs money and profit.

We get a lot of questions and here we will try and answer some of the more common ones.

Q: Does the NPRS breed pouched rats?
A: Not Quite. The NPRS is purely a society, we do have members who breed and we try and help and support each other through the process as best we can. Many breeders use our process for selecting owners.

Q: What is the process through the NPRS?
A: From filling in your application. The NPRS Committee, a group elected annually who help make society decisions will make a judgement based on factors, such as your answers, your activity on our social media, our facebook group or via emails. We may ask additional questions. Once we make a decision. Breeders may choose to contact you. They may have more questions before they offer you a baby.

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Every breeder will have different requirements and standards. We recommend reading our article on ‘thinking of getting a pouched rat’ to get an idea around the requirements a breeders may be looking for in an owner. We Recommend getting involved with the communty. This counts more than any answers on the application form can.

Q Many of your application form questions are highly personal?

A Yes they are but the NPRS Committee use this information to paint a picture of you and your suitablity as an owner. We have to be 100% sure you are suitable.

Q When might i hear back?

A Realisticly you could wait around 12 months. We always choose the best suitable approved applications from the list. We will however let you know if you was approved or declined.

Q: Your articles say Pouched Rats may not be suitable for me because of reason X or reason Y. Does this mean I can’t have one?
A: Not always, every requirement is about matching animals to owners but in some cases, yes. It may prevent a breeder homing an animal to you.

Q: A breeders requirements seem really strict, why is this?
A: You must remember that these animals are babies, born from loving animals that the breeders view as family. They want their babies to go to good homes who will be cared for and loved like their owner animals are. Demand outstretches supply and so breeders are within their right to be picky. They are also quite unpredictable and challenging  animals to handle and we want to keep expectations realistic.

Q: I’ve been told ‘no’ by a breeder but i think they are wrong! Can you help?
A: Yes, our committee can help breeders reasses. If you was approved by our process but not by a breeder we can find out why and mediate. It may be another breeder would not have the same concer.

Q: What can I expect to pay?
A: Expect any ethical breeder to not overcharge! Between £250 and £350 is a reasonable amount for a breeder to charge for a single baby. Anything around the £500 range is very over priced.

For re-homing an adult, it’s negotiable as generally we like to see re-homing animals move to good owners without money changing hands but this isn’t always feasible. Cost has to be at the discretion of the breeder and the choice of the potential owner.

Q Do you approve solely based on the application?

A No, We HIGHLY recommend that you also get involed in the community. The first thing the committee will do is see if you have interacted with us before. Have you joined our facebook group or sent us additional emails asking further questions. Spontaneous applications with little follow up generally get left “in the pile”. Show us why you want a Pouched Rat. Ask your questions on our group and show you are keen to learn all you can before you are offered one. Introduce yourself and build rapport.