About The Society

Our Mission Statement

  • Unite the community, share knowledge and promote a fully inclusive society.
  • Raise awareness of pouched rats
  • Educate and support Pouched Rat owners
  • Advocate ethical practices in regards to breeding, husbandry, diet and enrichment.
  • Protect pouched rats from breeding exploitation in the UK.


Who is the society?

The National Pouched Rat Society is a not for profit (NFP) animal society.

The society run by a dedicated group of owners, interested parties, and breeders who through their dedication to these fantastic animals, look to protect their interests as they become popular pets in the UK.

The Society was founded in May 2017 by our first commitee as outlined in our roll call

The Committee is an elected group who serve each year to represent the society.


Why do Pouched Rat owners need a society?

Animal societies in general are setup for the betterment of the species, be it, to better the breed, better the ethics or to lobby for change.

Our Society produces guidelines which aim to educate and inspire owners and breeders to adhere to, in order to better the treatment, care and happiness of not just the pouchies themselves but their owners too.

Our website is designed to be an excellent resource for owners, those looking to become owners or those who are just curious. Everyone is welcome here.

We run a number of incentive schemes designed to help owners remain inclusive as well as for better record keeping of pouched rats in the UK and their health.

We run a membership scheme where by members can choose to pay an annual membership donation to be part of the society. Members are expected to adhere to our guidelines but can take prestige in the fact they are a member.

We main an inclusive operation where the manners by which the society runs and information we share is written by the membership.


Become a member?

Read about the benefits to supporting our society and becoming a member here